Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brewing Osmanthus Green Tea in a 3-piece Glass Teapot

Pre-brewing Preparations:
Tea ware: Electric instant kettles, 3-piece glass teapot, tea holder, tea towel, tea spoon, etc.
Water: Boil the right amount of water. Cool the hot water to 85℃, ready for use.
Tea leaves: Add the right amount of Yun Wu Green Tea (or other brands) into the tea holder. Meanwhile keep aside dried osmanthus flowers.
1.     While brewing green tea, a "scented tea" can be made by adding some dried flowers.
2.     Staple green tea liquid will be strong, even bitter and astringent if brewed too long. To avoid this, use inner-pot-equipped teapot
3.     The 3-piece glass teapot is portable and convenient.
4.     Staple green tea is generally brewed in the "bottom brewing" way.
1.     Prepare tea ware: Keep the tea sets ready for brewing.
2.     Prepare dried flowers: Add the right amount of dried osmanthus flowers and evenly mix with tea.
3.     Warm teapot: Pour a little water in the glass teapot. Drain the water.
4.     Adding tea leaves: Carefully spoon dried leaves of flower-and-tea-mix into the inner pot of glass teapot.
5.     Soak the leaves: From a height pour hot water into the teapot to 70% full, and brew for 1 minute.
6.     Appreciation: The tea can be appreciated and drunk after uncovering glass teapot placing the cover upside down on the tea desk, drawing out the inner-pots and putting it on the cover.

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